I have been tutoring for seven years and teaching for ten. Over the course of my career, I have really loved working with students one-on-one. The ability to work with an individual and find their learning style can be a challenge, but developing a professional relationship with students is really rewarding for me. When students can have fun learning difficult concepts, they want to learn more. I pride myself in making learning fun. Tutoring can be something a student looks forward to each week. I have found that learning is a life-long process and for me it has enhanced my life by keeping me open to new ideas. My goal is to make learning interesting and fun enough so that all my students strive to be life-long learners. It makes the world a better place.

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“Time flies when you’re doing math.”
– Ian Cowan

Math is the most commonly requested subject that students need tutoring in and has quickly become my favorite to teach. I never expected to be so involved with math. My sweet spot is preparing middle schoolers for high school. I enjoy the many ways of conveying the same concept to students with different styles of learning abilities. Algebra and geometry fascinate me, and literally are the language of science.

Language Arts

I love to write! Whether I’m writing a song, poetry, or helping a student type an essay, writing allows creativity to flow. I have mastered the anatomy of the five paragraph expository essay, and I find it extremely important for all students to know the format! I like to work with students so that they can harness their creativity and be able to write freely without worrying about being judged. Writing takes practice. Grammar, spelling, brainstorming, editing are just some of the skills that build the confidence that every student can gain with a little support. I can even teach introductory Spanish!


With just a few years under my belt, I’m ready to pass on the foundations of the music I have learned. Piano, flute and music production using Ableton Live 10 are three things that I would love to pass on to any student who is just beginning their journey into the world of music. Of course, there will be a little music theory and a lot of practice involved but learning music is possibly the most rewarding and long-lasting skill I can teach. Learning how to read music is similar to learning another language. Music is the universal language and I’m honored to teach it.

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