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Even the most advanced students need some help from time to time. Whether you have a big test coming up or need ongoing support in a specific subject Tutor On is there for you. With years of experience in the Maui area and online tutoring, Tutor On is a trusted resource for students young and old.

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Math, English, Science, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Music, Projects, and Online Tutoring.



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Ian Cowan has been teaching and tutoring on Maui since 2011. He graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies in 2008 and a teaching credential in Secondary Social Science and General Science in 2011.

More About Us

Ian Cowan

I work with homeschool students during the day and am licensed in Hawaii to teach science, social studies, and math.
I am also a full-time pre-algebra teacher at Kihei Charter School.


Here’s what our students say about our services:

We are new to Maui this year so we don’t have that many connections  here the way many people do. Ian has helped tremendously to save both of our teenagers’ unique math situations. We are so grateful for his help. He practically turns himself inside out to be available for both of our kids when they need him. He Is flexible also. He is able to stay for half an hour when that’s all my kids need or longer than an hour in order to prepare for tests or more difficult assignments. Because my kids have not always been particularly confident in math, Ian is a perfect fit for them. He Is kind and supportive, while also skilled at teaching.  He always arrives on time, is personable and easy for everyone to get along with, and manages to get the kids to buckle right down and do their work with him.  We feel that his pricing is certainly reasonable as he is pretty much worth his weight in gold.

Darcie and Chris

Ian has been tutoring two of my kids for 3 years now. It’s been a real comforting feeling to my kids to know that Ian will always be there for them in times of not understanding math concepts. Thanks to him my kids from not liking math to loving it and even excelling at it. His calm and caring demeanor has made math less stressful, in fact he has made it fun. Along with Ian’s excellent teaching skills, he is very organized and reliable. I highly recommend Ian.

Oksana C